Thursday, September 18, 2014

Packed Party!!

This is not another subscription box!  It's the perfect gift package to send/receive.

" We don’t use the “b” word anyway. Meet Packed Party, the first package of its kind that allows you send yourself or someone else a themed party package to have a party for one. No recurring subscription fees binding or locking you in here, we want you to party whenever you feel like it with a simple click.
Packages not only include carefully hand-picked items, but also a letter-pressed card stating what the party is, why it has been sent, and who it has been sent from. Yep, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to finding that “oh-so-perfect gift”, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure this package feels thoughtful and personal, because, is, duh. "

A Packed Party is a fabulous navy package filled with 4-5 hand-picked items centering around a special theme the sender has selected off our site. Whether it be a birthday, a break up, a bad day, or some necessary pampering – these packages allow you and your friends to celebrate the small things in life and have a party for one.


Birthday Beb
Miss You, Bitch
Pity Party
Thank (x Million)
The Bridesmaid
You Don't Need Him Anyway
You Pampered Thing, You

These Packed Parties are only $45 and when you think about all the work, money and time it would have taken for you to try and do this on your own it'd be silly not to send the adorable Packed Party! Contents are kept a surprise on their site to add to the surprise and fun of sending/receiving their package. 
 Packed Party is reasonably priced (only $45), perfectly put together (even the packaging is cute), and is so clever (I love all the different package names). 

These are just as fun to send as they are to receive. 
Below is me opening my box sent from my Mama :)

Be sure to head over to their site and send someone a party! 

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