Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TSA- Thousands Standing Around

Transportation Security Administration 
Also defined by Urban Dictionary as 
Thousands Standing Around
Today I was flew from Buffalo to Nashville and let me tell you what...
Flying and having to go through TSA is always such a hassle
There was only one guy checking Ids while about thirty other people stood around. 
There was a long line of people waiting to get their Ids checked 
the line was moving so slowly that their was usually about one person putting their things through to get scanned.

Usually there's a TSA worker who checks first class passengers and then all other customers when there are no first class passengers to check. This women wasn't doing that she sat there and waited while the "non first class passengers" line continued to grow!
(photo from http://www.nbcnews.com)
Finally when I made it through the front and it was my turn to get things scanned. 
 Why they think they have the right to speak so rudely to you...is beyond me 
The constant questioning if I really and truly don't have liquids or have anything in my pockets 
I have leggings on and a tight tank now where would I possibly put something... 

Once  I finish being scanned myself...
Which by the way I get the ok with the green screen letting them let me go through
But the lady decides to keep me and investigate my necklace
"What's in here... So nothing can go in it? What is this exactly though?"
It's my Stella and Dot necklace lady
I love flying but my goodness could we please figure out this whole 
situation because it's embarrassing  


  1. Ugh I always hate dealing with them, they almost always want to check my bag for something completely random. Love that necklace though :)

  2. LOL This was funny to read, now and days people are like seriously making sure of everything!!!! Its crazy!

  3. P.S. I LOVE your nail color!!!

  4. That necklace is gorgeous!! I can't wait to read your blog!

    A Thousand Words

  5. I love the ring. Where can I find something similar?

  6. TSA is always a nightmare! just flying to georgia for me was hassle enough!