Friday, May 30, 2014

Hair Products- fave4 & omniPOTENT



fave4 is a collection of hairdressers' must-have hair products, launched initially with 4 hairsprays: Style Stay, Flex Reflect, Workable Wear, and fan-favorite Texture Takeover.  Each spray exemplifies its own personality with the looks it creates and helps both hairdressers and clients alike hone in on their own personal fave, whether they want to create a sleek, strong updo with Style Stay or boho-chic messy waves with Texture Takeover.

These are all so fun to use! I feel like I now have a hairspray for any sort of hair day I have. Each bottle adds a different style to your hair so get ready to have fun and style your hair perfectly for any hair day with each bottle! Amazing stuff try it!!! 



omniPOTENT is science turned strategically sexy, addressing damaged hair needs based on how the damage was created, whether with chemical processes, styling and restyling, or simple day-to-day environmental and UV exposure.  Duosity Double-Whipped Repairing Treatment is the lead product of the line, from its innovative tube-within-tube packaging, to the way the formulas whip into a buildable foam, and the amazing strength and reparation it provides to hair

I was sent this product a month ago and I can already tell my hair is getting healthier. My hair was so damaged after "attempting" to dye it and it has been a struggle to get my healthy hair back. I really do think this product is helping.I use it once a week and can already tell a difference. (This product also smells amazing!)

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