Saturday, May 31, 2014

So. ME

About Mollee V

"Have you ever gone into a store and think "Oh that is So.ME!" Ha, well that happens a lot for me. All my Accessories are handmade by me. They all reflect the many different styles that I love...Vintage, Glam, Classy, or even Edgy.
I'm using my gift of creativity and craftsmanship that God has blessed me with to make handmade accessories. My products are influenced by things I love when it comes to fashion as well as incorporating my Faith in God in some of my products. You will see a few of my bracelets that I created have simple charms that may say faith, love, pray, believe-as well as some of my tees/tanks involve some of my favorite Bible verses that I love ...I hope you like! "

I came across So.Me this past December and really fell in love with the clothing and accessories. I feel like there aren't many boutiques that make clothes or accessories with messages about God on them. Mollee has created a line that is not only adorable and fashionable, but she has also created a line that gives a great message. Go and check it out! Below are a few items she sent me last week! 

(These tshirts are beyond soft!!) 

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  1. That is so amazing!! I'm Muslim and I seriously wish that they had shirts like that with Quran verses!