Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weiss Candles

"Weiss Candles offers the best fragrance soy candles on the market. Every candle is made with the maximum amount of fragrance the wax can hold. Each candle is 10 oz and has a burn time of up to 150 hours. Our candles are your solution to adding great fragrance to any room! We offer over 200 scents to choose from, ensuring you'll find that perfect gift for yourself or others. With our simple vintage look, these candles have great appeal no matter where you burn them. All of our candles are 100% dye- free."

Candles you're to sure love!

I currently have nine candles from Weiss and I LOVE them! I was pleasantly surprised with Weiss Candles I put a TEA LIGHT in my bathroom walked in five minutes later and the aroma was incredible. 

The different type of candles I currently own:

-Island Fresh-
-Oatmeal Milk & Honey-
-White Tea & Ginger-
-Butt Naked-
-Eucalyptus Spearmint- 
-Peppermint & Eucalyptus-
-Jamaica Me Crazy-
-Lavender Camomile-

They have so many different types of candles! Head to their website and tell me your favorite!

Cutest Candles!
so shabby chic and southern


  1. The oatmeal milk and honey sound amazing! Hmmm what does butt naked smell like? Just curious ;) lol

  2. I really want to try those candles! I went on the website and they sound amazing.

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  4. I'm an independent rep for Jewelry In Candles and I sell 100% soy wax candles and tarts. They are made in the USA, with lead free wicks and YOU choose the jewelry! Ring size 6-9, necklace or earrings. Visit my online store to check out all our scents!