Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day
Sunday, May 11

A Mother works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 
A Mother carries her child for 9 months, gives birth to them, raises them and puts them before herself.
This Mother's Day show your Mother that you truly appreciate all she does....

Here are a few gift ideas. 

(three gifts that you'll be able to do for Mom if you are running low on cash)

1. Buy or Make your Mom a card. 

Explain to her why you love and appreciate everything she does. 

2. Obviously every lady loves to receive flowers and sweets. Buy/pick your mom flowers and buy/make your mom some baked goods. 

3. Make Mom breakfast in the morning. 

(three gifts that you'll need your wallet for)

1. To Go Wine Glass with her favorite bottle of wine.

2. Stella and dot has so many adorable pieces that your mother will be sure to love. 
Below are a few things I have given my mother from there. 

(Be sure to check out the charm section! 
You can make your Mom a personal necklace that she'll be sure to love)

Here is the link to Stella and Dot to begin shopping! 
I'll be your personal stylist.

3. Candles, bubble bath, body scrub, body spray or a gift certificate to her favorite spa.. Give her things that'll be just for her. 
All women love a good bubble bath, relaxing and a spa day. 

Here are a few products I love!!


(You can find these products at Bath and Body Works, Sephora, and Target)

Moms are incredible women that work so hard everyday to make sure
 their babies are safe and happy. 
This Mothers Day show your 
Mom, Ma, Mama, Mommy, Mother 
how much you appreciate everything she does for you... 
Even if its just a card you made where you write out all the things you love about her 
show your Mom that you do see all that she does for you and truly love her and want to thank her for everything
Don't wait until the day before either a Mother knows all and she will know you waited until the last minute. 

Good Luck finding the perfect gift for your Mom!


  1. Such awesome ideas!!! Love this post!! xoxo

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  3. It's really nice to see a gift guide where you're actually properly talking about the things you've picked out! :D Like the idea of tickets, it shows you're actually paying attention to what they like, haha! I'm getting both my parents

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