Monday, June 9, 2014

Alexa Persico Cosmetics

About Alexa Cosmetics---> Alexa Cosmetics !
With Alexa Persico Cosmetics, women can have access to these fabulous products of the trade in their own personal space. Alexa believes all the products a woman will ever need in her daily life are lipstick for colorful lips, blush for glowing cheek bones, shadow and liner for a bold eye, along with the perfect concealer. Alexa Persico Cosmetics was created with a focus on delivering the highest quality in pigmentation, long-lasting wear and a touch of personality for every women. Alexa's mission for her line is to become a timeless and trusted brand of cosmetics for women of all colors and for all ages.

My favorite products of hers are the lipsticks and glosses!
 They go on so smoothly and look great on.
I love all the fun bold colors she has to offer.

My two favorite lipsticks are Victoria and Alexa
My two favorite glosses are Naked and Hush

More awesome products she sent me...


Head to her site and tell me what your favorites are too! 
I love your feedback.

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