Monday, June 9, 2014



Scentsy are light free candles all you have to do is plug your warmer into the wall, break off your Scentsy Bar and let the wonderful smell fill up your room. My Mom actually bought me one of these before I left for college. In my dorm room I wasn't allowed to have candles so this solved the problem perfectly! Not to mention these also work great as a night light.
How does it work?

Until recently I thought the only products Scentsy made were the warmers and bars, but they actually have many other products. I have tried their body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer and bath tablets. They all smell incredible! Be sure to head to the website and explore everything they have to offer.

June Special!


  1. I love this! After college I still find myself gravitating towards the Scentsy, though the elegance of a candle is beautiful and mesmerizing the scent does not always last as long as this! I tend to stick with the wall Scentsy's typically, but recently my dog has taken a liking to the heat and light and has began spilling the wax!

    I need to replenish my Scentsy collection!


    1. Please email me with any Scentsy questions you have or for bundles we have right now! Sydney also has an open party you can shop from on my site :-)